FreedomRocks2016: Audubon County

The Audubon County Freedom Rock is located in the small town of Kimballton, Iowa.   It sits in a peaceful spot shady spot, and is adjacent to a children’s playground as well as the Little Mermaid Fountain & Sculpture Garden

One side of the rock is a tribute to John James Audubon (1785-1851), possibly the most well-known wildlife artist in the country, drawing most specifically birds.  Audubon roamed the country, trying to capture his own created image of every bird he possibly could, toting his gun, artist tools, and an assistant.  

If you look closely at the rock in the photo below, you will see a tree painted in the background that appears to be in the middle of the road.   And it is!  Legend has it that a land surveyor used a cottonwood branch to mark the line between Cass and Audubon counties.  He pushed this branch into the ground to mark a spot, and over the years, this tree has grown.  It’s still there to this day, right smack in the middle of an intersection on a old country road.   Cars have to drive around it to get through the intersection.

audubon 01

This side of the Freedom Rock is a thank you to the Audubon county veterans, and also shows the Little Mermaid holding an American flag.  I just love this side of the rock.  The mermaid is gorgeous, and is a great replica of the Little Mermaid Fountain sitting just few feet away in it’s own park. I also love the colors of the sky behind her.  So pretty!audubon 02

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you’re already familiar with Albert the Bull, Audubon’s LARGE tribute to Iowa’s beef industry!audubon 03

On the particular day I visited this Freedom Rock, I also visited 5 others.  At each of the sites, someone had left behind a small American flag.  I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to take a picture of each of them. audubon 04

Follow along with my other Freedom Rock visits, including the original Freedom Rock in Adair County.  You can search for #FreedomRocks2016 on both Instagram & Twitter to see where I’ve been so far!  While you’re looking for Freedom Rocks, don’t forget some of the other sites and attractions in the area!

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