FreedomRocks2016: Cass County

One of the great things about trying to visit all of the Freedom Rock sites before Labor Day means I get to experience small towns I’ve never even heard of before. Other than actually getting to see the Rocks in person, I’m also getting to experience the shops, the foods, the sites. I never would have visited some of these towns if the Freedom Rocks hadn’t brought me there. Because while the original Freedom Rock is out on a highway, the rest of them I have been to are all actually in town.

Today’s post is about the Cass County Freedom Rock, located in the small Iowa town of Lewis, population 444. It’s a town even smaller than the one I live in!

When I pulled up beside the location, I parked the car and sat for a minute.  From my car window, this was my view. Isn’t it beautiful?  

Cass County Freedom Rock 1

The sidewalk surrounding the rock shows many people have purchased these tiles to help finance this Rock.   Some have names of the individuals, families and businesses that donated, and some were purchased in honor of a favorite veteran, living or deceased.

Cass County Freedom Rock 2

Here’s a view from the front of the display.  The benches lining the area are dedicated to our military, with each bench honoring one of the branches of service.  

Cass County Freedom Rock 3

The Cass County site also has a guestbook like many of the others.  I love that people from all over have visited, including many veterans and also those currently serving.  

Cass County Freedom Rock 4

Here is a close up of some of the benches surrounding the Rock.

Cass County Freedom Rock 5

And here she is… the Cass County Freedom Rock.  Designed and painted by artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen.  This side of the house features a tribute to the Hitchcock House.  The Hitchcock House is designated as a National Historic Landmark and located right in the small town of Lewis. This house, built in 1856, had a secret room in the basement.  That room was used as a hiding spot for runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad.  

Cass County Freedom Rock 6

See the concrete pad that the Cass County Freedom Rock is placed on?  Recognize that shape?   Yes, it certainly is in the shape of our state!

The Cass County Freedom Rock sits on a concrete pad shaped like the state of Iowa.… Click To Tweet

Cass County Freedom Rock 7

I think my favorite part of all the rocks is the flag being draped over the top.  So beautiful, and I can’t imagine being able to paint something so detailed on such a rough and uneven surface!

Cass County Freedom Rock 8

This side of the rock is in tribute to Major Belle Reynolds, the first woman commissioned a Major in the United States Army.

Cass County Freedom Rock 9

Finally, this side of the Rock is dedicated to the Twenty-Third Iowa Infantry, a group of 950+ men from the surrounding counties, who went into service in September 1862.

Cass County Freedom Rock 10

One last picture of one the benches.  I just love these.

Cass County Freedom Rock 11

Make sure to follow along with the other Freedom Rocks I have visited so far, especially the original Adair County Freedom Rock.  

Have you visited any yet?  I’d love to hear which ones you’ve seen!

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