Hurricane Grill & Wings – West Des Moines, Iowa

Up until a few days ago, we had no air conditioning at our house. It decided to fizzle out on us while we were gone camping for Memorial Day weekend. We came home to a thermostat reading 88 degrees, reaching 93 at its highest point. It took a few days for someone to come out and look at it, only to discover that we had a leaking coil and the replacement part had to be ordered and shipped from the manufacturer. It was expected to take 10 business days to arrive, and thankfully it only took 8. While we were without A/C for so long, no one felt like cooking at home. We ended up eating out a few different times just go get out of the house and to sit somewhere COOL.

hurricane menuWe’d been talking for weeks about trying a new restaurant in West Des Moines– Hurricane Grill & Wings. Hurricane remodeled and revamped the old TGI Friday’s across from Valley West Mall on Westown Parkway, which had been empty for a while. Since we wanted a new place to try, we decided to head towards West Des Moines and check it out. My husband loves traditional hot wings, and had heard that this place had really good ones.

We went on a Saturday evening around 5:00pm. It wasn’t very busy yet, so we were seated immediately. They kept the layout of the TGI Friday’s, but changed the decor completely. Where TGI Fridays used to be dark, Hurricane Grill features bright summer colors with a beach theme. Chairs are painted bright blues and reds and yellows, and some of the bar-height tables have turned into surfboards. The regular booths and tables have a distressed wood look to them, and the whole place feels light and airy. The patio area was pretty full, but we shied away from it. One, because we wanted COOL AIR, and two– the patio faced the west, so more than half of it was in the direct sun.

We were greeted right away by a friendly server, who took our drink and appetizer orders.  We decided to start off with one of my favorites, fried pickles.   They were delivered quickly, and were very hot and crisp.  Sometimes when we’ve ordered them from other places, they arrive at the table lukewarm and soggy.  Thankfully, I could tell these were straight out of the kitchen, hot and fresh.  The fried pickles came with a dipping sauce, which they refer to as “Cyclone sauce.”   Kinda reminds me of a spicier version of Red Robin’s onion ring dipping sauce, like a spicy ranch.   It was the perfect flavor combination to add to the pickles.  

fried pickles

Our dinner order was taken, and also arrived quickly.   I opted for the Firecracker Shrimp Tacos, which shouldn’t come as any surprise.   I have been on a shrimp taco kick lately, and seem to seek them out at every restaurant we go to.  The shrimp are breaded in “firecracker sauce”, which wasn’t overly spicy, but gave enough of a kick to offset the garlic ginger cole slaw.  The tacos were served with a side of chips and salsa.  I wish I could have skipped the chips and salsa, and included a third taco instead.    They were really good!

Firecracker Shrimp Tacos

My daughter opted for the boneless wings.  Of the 35 flavor choices Hurricane Grill offers, she chose the Garlic Parmesan Buffalo.  They came with a huge side of french fries, as well as carrots, celery and ranch.  The wings weren’t drenched in sauce and they weren’t dry.   They had just the right amount to add flavor, but not be soaked in sauce.

Garlic Parmesan Buffalo

My husband opted for the traditional hot wings, but no fries. He liked them so much, I had to snap a picture before he ate them all.  These also included a side of celery, carrots and ranch.   These wings were hot, both in temperature and flavor.  Also like my daughter’s meal, just the perfect amount of sauce.  

hot buffalo wings

Hurricane Grill & Wings is located at 3430 Westown Parkway in West Des Moines.  They are across the street from Valley West Mall, straight south of the Younkers store. You can follow along with their Facebook page for information on specials, live music, and other promotions.

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