My Day in John Deere green…

john deere tractor 4Us Iowans know darn well that it’s an assumption Iowa is nothing but farmland.  That we all walk around in overalls talking about corn and pigs.  It’s so not true.

I’ve lived in Iowa almost my whole entire life, with the exception of a couple years.  That being said, I can honestly say I’ve only visited a farm a small handful of times.   We had a family that farmed a few blocks from where I grew up in Mason City, but I only visited there a couple times with my Girl Scout troop.  Once we moved to Des Moines 30 years ago, I never knew anyone that farmed, so the closest I’ve ever gotten to the farm life was the Iowa State Fair.  

It took 43 years of my life before I would have the chance to sport the John Deere green.  And I’m not talking about the toy tractors right here.  I’m talking the real thing.  A real John Deere tractor.  

Not only did I get to sit in one– I GOT TO DRIVE ONE.

I visited Woolstock, Iowa, a very small town in Wright County, population 166.  And in this small town, they have a John Deere dealership, Woolstock Equipment.  The gentleman that worked there were very nice and friendly, and even let us have the opportunity to drive the tractors.  You might remember me mentioning Gerald, the employee that had worked for this dealership since 1953.  These individuals feel so strongly about their business and the product they sell that they’ve spent years here, selling tractors in this small town.  

I was a little hesitant to drive one.  I let the others in my group take their turn first, thinking I didn’t need to give it a try.  Finally, it was a last chance decision.  We were running out of time at our visit, and I jumped in.  The very kind young salesman spent a few minutes telling me how everything would work, and I was surprised at how comfortable the seat was.  It didn’t even dawn on my that farmers might spend hours in this piece of equipment, so it needed to be comfortable.  It would be like me needing a comfortable desk chair to spend my eight hour workday in, right?

john deere tractor 1

He was so patient as I asked probably a million questions.  My palms were sweating, wondering how much this tractor cost, and what would happen if I wrecked it?

john deere tractor 2

Still more questions and more instructions.  I think I still had time to back out at this point.  🙂

Finally, we were off.  I felt so powerful and so in control! That might actually be because we were probably driving a whopping 5 miles per hour.  It think it took me about 7-8 minutes to circle two city blocks.

john deere tractor 3

Finally, we circled back and I pulled it back into the lot.  What a rush!

john deere tractor 5

Thanks to Woolstock Equipment for this wonderful opportunity.  I hope I don’t have to wait another 43 years to get to do this again! And to commemorate my experience with the John Deere green, I have a daily reminder of my experience!

john deere tractor 6

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