The Clear Lake LakeFest 2016: Art, Stories and Music

In case you missed the 10 Reasons To Visit The Clear Lake LakeFest, here’s another list of 10 reasons to go next year! I love that this LakeFest combines three festivals into one weekend – The Art Sail, Storytelling Festival and the Lakeside Dixiefest. It is held each year in Clear Lake’s City Park, which is a perfect location for just about any event. A large bandshell with plenty of open space for chairs, paved walkways through the park, and you couldn’t find a more gorgeous background than beautiful Clear Lake!

#1. The Art Sail – dozens of vendors from all over the country, including Amy’s Mosaics,  Docks By JenDesert Snow Designs and Wood Fire Potter Jo Anne Willemsen.

Amy’s Mosaics – Located in Clear Lake, Amy does beautiful work.  You can follow her on Facebook at Amy’s Mosaics .

Beautiful mosaic by Amy’s Mosaics of Clear Lake, Iowa!

Docks By Jen – Naples, Florida artist Jennifer Norqual creates these three-dimensional dock scenes and adds a local flair. By personalizing each piece with meaningful names, locations and landmarks (think Muskie Lounge, the Surf Ballroom, Lady of the Lake) you receive a one-of-a-kind gift for special someone, even maybe for yourself!

Docks By Jen - Loved the local touch she puts on these!
Docks By Jen – Loved the local touch she puts on these!

Desert Snow Designs is a company run by mother/daughter team Barbara & Danie Hamberg of Albert Lea, Minnesota. They feature Sterling Silver, Chakra, Coiled Wire, & Lampwork Jewelry. Everything is gorgeous! They sell a lot of pre-made jewelry but also allow you to create your own.

Desert Snow Designs
Danie & Barbara Hamberg helped me design this necklace, featuring all my kids’ birthstones.

Jo Anne Willemsen is a wood fire potter from Mason City. All of her pottery is hand-made by her personally, and each one is unique. You can view an up-close look at her gallery here. I love all of the earthy, natural colors of everything she creates!

Jo Anne Willemsen - Wood Fire Potter - Mason City, Iow
Just a few of the beautiful pieces on display.

#2. Hear the Blue Ox Jazz Babies play songs like “Fidgety Feet” during the Lakeside Dixiefest. I loved listening to the music because the upbeat rhythm and all the toe-tapping going on reminded me of my grandfather. It was so fun, and I have to admit — it was pretty hard NOT to tap your feet to the music!

blue ox jazz babies
#3 It’s a great idea for a girls weekend, or even just a day-trip.  I saw so many groups of ladies walking around together, laughing and enjoying the art and music– just a very fun weekend overall!

art sail 8

art sail 7

#4. Be there to see some artists creating their works right on the spot. You can see art in the making!

clear lake art sail 15

#5. Kick back in your chair and listen to stories by some amazing storytellers. Here’s Bettie Jane Biblet of Granger telling a story to an attentive crowd!

storytelling 1

#6. Everything is in the shade! Always a plus on a summer weekend in July, Clear Lake City Park offers a shaded walkway through the park. I don’t think one single artist’s tent was in the direct sunlight, which made it comfortable to walk around. Since this year it rained a lot during the day, the trees helped block a lot of the rain, too.

Clear Lake Art Sail 1

#7. You have the chance to view some of the natural art all around you! Clear Lake is a beautiful lakeside town!

clear lake 1

clear lake 2

clear lake 3

#8. There’s plenty of good food to eat while you’re there. Not only are there several food trucks set up around the park, like Garotos Samba Rock BBQ from Osage (their food is to die for), but there are also some really good eateries within walking distance of the park. Some of the local eateries include Cabin Coffee (we had a really great lunch there!), Ge-Jo’s, Starboard Market, Sevens, and more!

LakeFest Food

#9. The St. Louis Stompers are pretty awesome, too!  

#10. Sunday was a beautiful day to bring a lawn chair, sit under a shade tree with a cold drink, and spend the afternoon listening to music. The breeze coming off the lake was a perfect treat. There was just a buzz of conversation going on between songs, people running into friends, neighbors, people they hadn’t seen in a while. It was a pleasant and peaceful day, and I couldn’t have asked for better weather on Sunday!

dixiefest 1

dixiefest 2

Next year’s LakeFest will be held on July 21-23, 2017 at Clear Lake City Park. Mark your calendars now!

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  • February 4, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    Just stumbled on this wonderful website! Was surprised and excited to see my “Welcome to the Lake” mosaic heading this post! Would be wonderful to have credit given if possible. Will also be at Arts Sail 2017!
    Amy S. Palmer, Clear Lake
    Find “Amy’s Mosaics” on Facebook and Pinterest.


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