Don’t visit Webster City… Without Stopping to Eat

As you might remember, I took a little weekend trip to Webster City last summer.   I am still so impressed by all of the amazing people I met, the sights I was able to see– that town is simply a true hidden gem in northern Iowa.  It’s a town that makes me excited to travel the state and hopefully discover more amazing small towns like this one. 

2nd Street Emporium Webster City RestaurantsOne important thing about Webster City I certainly can’t forget to share with you all — THE FOOD.  My goodness, the food.   

Our first evening there we visited the 2nd Street Emporium.   This restaurant reminded me of an old-time supper club, with it’s dimmed lighting, beamed ceilings and paneled walls.  While the service was fantastic, and the food was even better.  2nd Street Emporium has an extensive menu, and offers amazing dinner specials.  

The meal I ordered was actually their dinner special for the night.  I started off with a large salad with French dressing.  One of the things I hate about restaurants is when they serve a salad with just lettuce and very little else.  This was as pretty good-sized salad with plenty of ingredients besides just lettuce, and the dressing was served on the side- another plus in my book.

Webster City Restaurants 2nd Street Emporium

For my main course, I ordered their special.  It was a melt-in-your-mouth steak, accompanied by shrimp in a garlic buttery cream sauce.  The meal also included a baked potato and garlic bread.   The steak was so good, I was halfway through eating it before I remembered to take a picture!   So juicy and so much flavor!

Webster City Restaurants 2nd Street Emporium 2e

Even though we were completely stuffed after our meals, our server tempted us with dessert.  I figured we could share a dessert so we could each get just enough to satisfy our sweet tooth.  When this dessert was brought to the table, I think my eyes about popped out of my head.  Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream is my most favorite dessert ever, and this certainly did not disappoint!  The chocolate inside was warm and gooey, and while it did come with two spoons, I think I could have finished this all by myself!

Webster City Restaurants 2nd Street Emporium 3e

You know how sometimes you love a restaurant for one particular dish or item?  This dessert alone would make me return to this restaurant again.  Even though everything else was amazing, I equate my love for this dessert to my love for the fried pickles at Gilroy’s.  🙂 That’s a lot of food love right there. 

Webster City Restaurants Leon's PizzaThe final day we were in Webster City, we ate lunch at Leon’s Pizza.  Leon’s Pizza is owned by Leon & Lynne, and they have been in business for 45 years.  It is truly a family business, as their daughter and son-in-law even work there, too.  We had the broasted chicken, which was wonderful.   It came with big pieces of broasted seasoned potatoes, and also included a dinner salad and dinner roll.  One of the other guests with us ordered the cheese pizza.  It came on a thin crust, and the cheese was perfectly melted.   I wish we would have had time to go back there again that weekend, because that pizza smelled absolutely amazing. I would loved to have given it a try!  Doesn’t it look yummy?

The people of Webster City made sure we had a fantastic time, and we will definitely return.  I hope that chocolate lava cake is still available!  

2nd Street Emporium is located at 615 2nd Street in downtown Webster City, right across the street from the theater.

Leon’s Pizza is located just down the street at 643 2nd Street, also in downtown Webster City.



{Disclosure}  Our meals were provided free of charge during the Midwest Travel Bloggers Webster City trip.  All opinions and photos are my own, and no one influenced my opinions in any way.



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  • February 19, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    That meal looks AMAZING! I love baked potatoes and you can never go wrong with ice cream! You’ve made me hungry now! 😀


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