Well, hello there…

instagram-picMy goodness, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s 10 days before Christmas, and I am sitting at the desk in my home office, surrounded by lists and to-do’s. A grocery list for our upcoming family Christmas Eve dinner. Several gifts sit on the table next to my desk, waiting to be wrapped, tagged and placed under the tree. A sticky note listing all of the gifts I ordered online that {still} have not arrived yet.  

Oh yeah, I’m looking at YOU, Old Navy!

I’ve got to-do lists for all the housework we need to get before family arrives next weekend. Lists of last minute gifts that still need to be purchased.  I’ve got binders and folders off to the side for classes I am taking and tests I am studying for, all for work– ya know, my real job.  

It’s quiet, the dog is snoring, and I can hear the soft hum of the furnace. I can hear the sounds of the television in other room as my husband watches Thursday Night Football.  It must be a decent game, as I haven’t heard any yelling yet.  From my office window, I can see our front yard lit up with Christmas decorations, like inflatable snowmen, lighted reindeer, and our newest addition– a laser light, which is currently projecting a beautiful animated display of red and green on the front of my house (and occasionally pokes through the mini-blinds and right into my eye).  

As all of these things are going on around me, I stop and think how much I love this time of year.  Sure, the thermometer read a balmy EIGHT degrees earlier today, and it’s almost unbearable to head outside.  But if you’re a lifelong Iowan like me, you just get used to it.  To me, I can stand the cold, if it means we will have a white Christmas.  Plus, everything seems more festive when you can hold a cup of hot cocoa in your mittened hands as you shiver outside and check out Christmas lights, right?

So as I’m sitting here at my desk thinking about all the things that need to be done, I saw the little link for this blog, saved on my internet favorites bar.   Well, looky there, how long has it been?  I decided to procrastinate on all my other things I should be doing (ahem, wrapping presents, cleaning, laundry…) and spend some time playing around on this dusty neglected corner of the internet.  

I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed all of you.

Stay tuned. 




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